When shopping for a new home, buyers will want to know what it’s like walking through the house, taking a stroll through the kitchen, or relaxing on the terrace or in the backyard. Most people who are ready to invest in a new home will want to imagine themselves in the space before taking the next step. This is where real estate videography comes in.

Aside from physically being there, real estate listing videos are the best way for potential buyers to get a feel of the home. By showcasing the house through a unique and dynamic video,  you will likely persuade buyers that their dream home is simply a few clicks away.


How Real Estate Videography Helps To Sell Houses Faster

According to the National Association of Realtors, online video sites continue to grow in popularity. Around 36% of home buyers use videos as their main source of information during a house search. 

Today, effectively incorporating videos into your real estate strategy can help increase your ability to generate leads for a listing.

Here are a few reasons why making an effective real estate marketing video will help you sell a house faster:


People Like Video Content

More and more homeowners are choosing to list their homes with realtors who offer video services. Across most industries, consumers prefer videos to other content as they are more engaging. 

As such, videos attract more viewers and allow you to convey the right atmosphere and emotions. This will help you to better portray the feel of a property and highlight the best parts to entice buyers. 


Real Estate Videography Can Help Increase Business and Profits 

Video content can result in more views on your listing, which can lead to more views, engagement and visits. This can help build trust with potential buyers or sellers. 

Sharing to other platforms such as social media can also help generate more organic traffic. 

A well-shot and compelling video can be the final nudge a buyer needs to seal the deal. By offering potential buyers a full 3D experience and sharing it to all your digital platforms, you are likely to get more callbacks, which will increase the number of potential buyers and can increase the selling price of a house.


Real Estate Websites Prefer Videos

As you’ve noticed, most real estate websites prioritize video content to attract potential buyers. High-end videos are likely to attract new sellers as well as potential buyers.  Real estate agents also use keywords and copy alongside most videos to increase their website rank on Google. 

This will make it easier for people to find their website when searching local real estate agents online.  So, pushing video content on your real estate website is a great way for you and your buyers to get what they want. 



From tours and to drone shots, there are many ways to utilize videos for marketing your real estate listings. 

Videos can be used to give potential buyers a complete and in-depth tour of each room. They can also be a great way to differentiate your listing from others in the same area to potential buyers.

In real estate, aerial footage and drones are now being used to add another layer to the buying and selling experience. You will also be able to fully showcase your listings, including outdoor shots of the neighbourhoods and close by amenities.

Whether you are shooting a quaint family home or a luxury property, an engaging and creative video will allow buyers to get as close to the listing as possible without being there. 


Tips For Fantastic Real Estate Videography

Use the Right Equipment or Service

Nowadays, it doesn’t take a lot of equipment to make an impressive real estate video. With smartphones and new videography apps coming out every day, making a video couldn’t be easier. That being said, leveraging a professional real estate videography service will add a layer of professionalism and quality to your real estate video.


Get Creative 

There are many ways to get creative with videos. From fun editing styles to innovative drone techniques, you can give an in-depth look at both the interior and exterior of the home, the property, and even the neighbourhood.


Key Takeaways

Staging and listing a home can be a very time-consuming process. You want to focus on showing the home in innovative and creative ways to ensure it’s viewed by as many buyers as possible. 

With the rise of technology, videos are becoming more and more popular as they help people view houses virtually. By following the above tips, you can create impressive real estate videos, resulting in quick turnaround times from listings to sales.

If you need some help producing high quality real estate videography, get in touch with us!

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