• Treat yourself with teleportation.
Teleport me

Treat yourself with teleportation.

HausValet is the best real estate shopping and marketing experience in virtual reality! We open doors of real estate properties for sale on the market while making a low-cost accessible virtual reality experience for all! All for an easy, fast and hassle-free selling and buying process!

Get the most complete marketing.

With a HausValet real estate broker, your property will be showcased using the best technology on the market.

Property Capture

In a single appointment, a Valet will capture all the parts of a real estate property with a 360 degree capture as well as HDR photos! A HausValet broker will have all the necessary medias to showcase a real estate property.

Mobile application

In real time, a HausValet real estate broker is informed of the number of visits in progress. It has access to full visit reports and is in direct communication with potential buyers.

Open House

Thanks to the HausValet headset, save time by visiting all available real estate properties. It's the ultimate shopping experience to make the best selection of your new home. A HausValet broker is always available to answer the questions regarding a property on the market!

An immersive world to discover teleportation

Come experience HausValet in a showroom such as you've never seen before! Our Valets will accompany you through an immersive universe and will make you discover teleportation. A unique and personalized real estate shopping experience for everyone!

Ask your real estate broker for the HausValet experience!

Write to us here and it will be our pleasure to introduce you to teleportation.

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HausValet Boutique, Mail Champlain, 2151 Boulevard Lapinière, Brossard, QC J4W 2T5