Real estate HDR photography

The successful sale of a property depends on the quality of the presentation at the time of the sale. With state-of-the-art Real Estate HDR Photography equipment and countless years of experience, our photographers are masters in the art of capturing striking images that showcase your clients’ properties!

Real estate drone video and photography

What better way to showcase a property’s environment than with an aerial shot? Our drone pilots will capture the best angles of your properties and the adjacent landscapes to impress your clients and potential buyers.

Real estate video

The success of a property sale definitely depends on the quality of the presentation during the sale. With state-of-the-art HDR photography equipment, our photographers with countless years of experience will capture powerful images to showcase your clients’ properties!

Virtual real estate tour

Virtual visits are included with our real estate photography sessions and the most successful brokers already know how effective they are. They reduce unnecessary visits by allowing buyers to make a first visit of the property as if they were there. Your seller will then only receive visits from buyers who are most interested to buy! Technology and the art of virtualization are at the heart of our DNA, which is why we include it in all our photo sessions.

Immersive virtual tour

With immersive virtual tours, you offer a unique shopping experience to your clients when selecting their new home. In complete immersion thanks to the Hausvalet headset, your buyers will save time by easily visiting all the available properties. Whether in the comfort of their own home or in your company, you will accompany them in their virtual search thanks to our assisted visit function.